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sim_rants's Journal

Mogey mogey mogey
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The Place to Rant about the Sims Community!

Inspired by iconrants and fanficrants

This is a ranting community. Posts here are likely to be negative, but opinions aren't always the be-all and end-all of the ranter. We can't all be nice ALL the time! If you'd prefer to be nice in public and a bitch in private, then simsecret or your own journal may be more your style.

To protect the ignorant, this community is locked. This means that you are NOT ALLOWED to manually change the status of the entries from locked to open. The community is locked for a reason. Common sense: use it. To see the entries, click here to join. The comm is moderated boohoo deal with it. The skies of the internet will not fall in. Go make a sekrit.

Moderators expect that all members who join the community have read the rules and understand the premise of the community. The mods have the right to enforce these rules and don't need to ask anyone's permission to deal with rule-breakers. Just because there are multiple mods, that doesn't mean everything gets thrown on the round table for discussion before it's dealt with. How a broken rule is dealt with is up to each individual mod's discretion. Repeat offenders will be banned.

1. Extra long posts (ie. posts that make you scroll down a few pages) or images of any size, are to be placed under an LJ-cut for courtesy. Here is a nifty guide to LJ-cuts. No cut may lead to post baleetion.

2. What not to post in the community:
* Advertisements for your sim stories or your new community: thesims2, legacychallenge, simsthree etc.
* Help for game play: thesims2, simply_sims3
* Your latest custom content creation, or questions where to find it: wella_creations, wcif_sims
* Wank: sim_wank, simsecret
* Random spam posts (unless otherwise authorised -- ie. Protest Protest day): sim_spam, capslock_sims

Please note: while rants about hideous/crap sims are allowed, please consider posting in uglysims!

3. Off-topic posts will be deleted. On-topic posts that have already been ranted about 347489679857 times are allowed but be warned, if something has been ranted to death, you may come across disgruntled members. New members are encouraged to read over old posts -- post about a touchy subject at your own risk; these posts will end up in ~snark~ comms.

4. Douchebags, sock journals and trolls will be banned from the community. Post as yourself, be decent, or don't post at all.

5. Rule number 5 is secret. If you break it, you will be banninated.

6. Do not delete comments or drastically change your post because you do not agree with the comments you're receiving. If you don't like them, just delete the whole post and forget about it. Problem solved.

7. No linking or naming personal journals, communities, or linking to specific posts across LJ. This is not a shaming community. Posts linking directly to other LJs or posts mentioning the name of specific LJ users will be deleted. If you want to share detailed information about specific rants, email or PM those interested. Anyone and anything not on LJ is fair game.

8. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, however, this community was not made for harassment. sim_rants does not condone members going to other websites, communities, personal journals or forums to troll, wank, mock or annoy. If you do these things, you do so at your own risk and will feel the wrath of the other appropriate moderaters of those places.

9. There is to be no complaining about how ZOMG MEEEEEN the community is. If you think this community is too harsh for you, please re-read the "about" section where it quite clearly states what this community is. If you're not happy with that, feel free to leave the community. Complaints about the premise of the community, (when you voluntarily joined after reading what the community is about!) will not be tolerated. Go make a secret for simsecret or wah wah in your journal so your friends can kiss your feet or whatever.

If you have any queries, feel free to contact a mod. MAKE SURE YOUR PM OPTIONS ALLOW PEOPLE TO SEND PMs BACK TO YOU. We won't be chasing you around the internets to send you a reply.

skittlebox PM
hidden_kitten PM.

For lulzy reading: THE OFFICIAL SIM_RANTS GALLERY (incomplete)